We are IT Software

An innovative team of like-minded, eager to help our customers become more efficient in their service management.

Experience and commitment

With exstensive experience from the european service management-industry, from our offices in Stockholm and Linköping, we deliver efficiency to your organization. 

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Our vision

A leading role-model and guide to Service Excellence

By being a ambassador for tomorrows ways of handle and deliver service, we are a strategic and guiding partner for our customers through all faces of the customer journey. We want to lead by example and guide you to world class customer experience.

Our corporate culture

Transparency and trust-based environment

Our way of working is centered around a trust-based environment, an open mindset where everyone gets to speak their mind. It is a place where we have fun and where individuality creates a unity. 

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Why IT Software? ​

  • From our first encounter to a proactive administration, we are there for you all the way. 
  • Our own top of the line consultants for development and implementation along with our support team we provide you with the best onboarding and care. 
  • Our extensive experience and die-hard focus on improvement and development makes us your trustworthy partner within service management. 

Everything from One partner, the way it should be!

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Simple and easy case management tool with 5500+ customers all over the world. With a case management tool from TOPdesk you will be able to deliver world class service from day one. 


An intelligent AI-based chatbot driven by machine learning. Ebbot speaks more the 55 languages and handles all of you simple and repetitive tasks.

Logotyp Zervicepoint | IT Software

Create a frictionless workspace and liberate time by automating all your manual processes with Zervicepoint.


Get your IT-system talking. With the help of Linknow you can integrate your entire IT-structure and create a workspace where data and info are at the right place at the right time.

Your trusted partner

Our team is your team! IT Software guides you to service excellence by increasing you service level and reducing your workload. With extensive experience from the European service management-industry we deliver efficiency to your organization with the help of our software’s, processes and operation methods. 

We´d love to hear from you

Whether you have a question about service management, service automation, cloud based integration-based platform, AI-based chatbot or if you want to integrate your existing IT there is always someone at IT Software who can lend an ear. So Let´s talk!

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